Gilan & Mazandaran


Gilan & Mazandaran

Gilan & Mazandaran

Northern Iran consists of the Southern border of the Caspian Sea and the Alborz mountains. It includes Gilan, Mazandaran and Golestan provinces the northern province of Iran. The major provinces, Gilan and Mazandaran, are covered with dense forests, snow-covered mountains and impressive sea shores.

Brief Introduction

Located in the Southern Caspian regions, Northern Iran has a pleasant and green atmosphere most of the year. The dense beautiful forests alongside with nice and vast sea shores and high mountains are the main natural attractions of this area. The gastronomy of northern Iran is very popular all over Iran. The diversity and unique taste of northern foods make them worth tasting more than once. The three provinces located in this region are Gilan, Mazandaran and Golestan.




Masouleh is an ancient mountainous village in the province of Guilan, in the southern shore of the Caspian Sea. The unique architecture of buildings is the most amazing feature of this ancient village. The roofs are generally flat or only slightly inclined and often serve as footpaths for pedestrians and upper houses. In Masouleh, men are mostly work in the unique bazaar of Masouleh as shopkeepers or run traditional restaurants. Women run their own business making beautiful handicrafts including woven dolls and slippers.


Rural-Museum-Rasht-Gilan-Iran-VipemoRURAL HERITAGE MUSEUM OF GUILAN

Guilan Rural Heritage Museum is an open air museum in the heart of the forest nature of northern Iran. The managers of this place have done their best to show a unique and faithful picture of northern people lifestyle, homes, works and handicrafts. Around seven authentic houses from different areas of northern lands have been genuinely transferred to this park museum to both preserve their rare architecture and display their uniqueness.


Abbas-Abad-Mazandaran-Iran-VipemABBAS ABAD GARDEN

Behshahr is a city in Mazandaran Province in Iran, on the coast of the Caspian Sea. In 1613, Shah Abbas I made Behshahr an imperial residence and commissioned the construction of a palace and some gardens. Abbas Abad Garden, in the southeast of Behshahr and the heart of dense forests, is one the most beautiful gardens of Iran and a UNESCO-registered World Heritage Site as a Persian Garden.



Namakabrud-Mazandaran-Iran-VipemoNAMAK ABROUD TOURIST COMPLEX

Namak Abrud is a village in the central district of Chalus County in Mazandaran Province. The Namak Abroud tourist complex is situated 12 kilometers away from the city of Chalous. The famous Cable Car of Namak Abrud gives tourists a mesmerizing view of the forested regions from the sea level near the shores of the Caspian Sea and to the top of the Alborz heights. The rail bobsled of Namak Abrud takes you to the deep of northern mountainous forests of Iran and gives you a breathtaking experience.


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