Kashan is a city in Isfahan province, Iran.Kashan divided into two parts, mountains and dessert. Kashan is known for it’s cultural and historical attraction. In this post we list couple of theme. Vipemo

Brief Introduction

Kashan is one of the most alluring destinations of Iran as it offers numerous historical houses and structures with fascinating architecture such as the beautiful Fin Garden, the historical bazaar of Kashan. Kashan is internationally famous for manufacturing carpets, silk and other textiles. Years ago, Kashan was one significant center of pottery and tiles and even the name “Kashan” is derived from “Kashi” that means tile in Farsi language.

Kashan Isfahan Iran - Vipemo


Fin Garden Kashan Iran - VipemoFIN GARDEN

Fin Garden is a unique combination of natural and man-made elements. The fascinating gardening method, the complicated irrigation system, and the beautiful stained glass windows are only parts of beauties of the this internationally known garden in the heart of the central arid lands of Iran. Fin garden was inscribed on the list of World Heritage Sites of Iran by UNESCO in 2012 as one of the nine Persian Gardens bestowed the same title.


Agha bozorg mosque Kashan Iran - VipemoAGHA BOZORG MOSQUE AND SCHOOL

This beautiful historical mosque with its sunken courtyard is a fine example of Islamic architecture in Kashan. This mosque was constructed for praying, teaching and preaching in the late 18th century. The selection of tile, the precise and symmetric architecture, and the lighting give this complex a surreal atmosphere pleasant to look at for long hours.


Historical house of Kashan Iran - VipemoHISTORICAL HOUSES OF KASHAN

City of Kashan is famous for its numerous historical houses representing Islamic Iranian architecture. The Āmeri House, the Manuchehri House, the Borujerdi House, the Tabatabaei House, and the Abbasi House are the most visited historical houses in Kashan. Today, some of these places serve as traditional hotels which welcome tourists from all around the world.


Abyane Kashan Iran - VipemoABYANEH

The ancient village of Abyaneh is an old village in Iran (dating back to 1500 years ago) located in 87 km from Kashan. This village is known as the Red Village. The idea behind this title is the red clay used in almost all buildings of this village. Abyaneh is a village of living traditions and the traditional clothing of villagers is one of the first things draws visitors’ attention.


Maranjab Dessert Kashan Iran - VipemoMARANJAB DESERT

Maranjab Desert is a top tourist attraction and a mesmerizing desert near the city of Kashan. There are lots of adventurous activities like trekking up the golden sand dunes, visiting salt polygons of “Namak Lake”, camel riding, night gathering around fire and watching the stunning starry sky in desert. There is an ancient Caravansary in Maranjab desert dates back to Safavid dynasty.



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