Iran – More To Explore Part 1


Iran – More To Explore Part 1

Iran – More To Explore

In more to explore part 1 we listed 8 locations of Iran’s tourists attraction, from north to south. This article is part 1 and the rest of 2 more parts come in a few days.


Glass and Ceramics Museum Tehran Iran Vipemo

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The Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran

Abgineh Museum is The Glassware & Ceramic Museum with a rare collection of clay and glass works from different eras. The building itself is very remarkable with its brick works, plaster works, mirror works and inlaid works.



Gonbad-e Qabus - Gorgan Iran - Vipemo

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Gonbad-e Qabus – Gorgan

Gonbad-e Qabus is a city in the province of Golestan in northern Iran. There is a 52-m high tower (Gonbad-e Qabus Tower) in this city is an outstanding and technologically innovative example of Islamic architecture. Gonbad-e Qabus was inscribed on the list of World Heritage Sites of Iran by UNESCO in 2012. This baked-brick-built tower is over 1000 years old.




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Soltaniyeh Dome – Zanjan

The mausoleum of Oljaytu(Soltaniyeh Dome) was constructed in the years 1302–12 in the city of Soltaniyeh, the capital of the Ilkhanid dynasty. This monument is situated in the province of Zanjan. Soltaniyeh is the world’s
oldest double-shelled and the third largest dome with its 50m tall dome. Soltaniyeh is inscribed on the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.



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Temple of Anahita – Kermanshah

The Anahita Temple is the name of two archaeological sites in Iran popularly thought to have been attributed to the ancient deity Anahita. The larger and more widely known is located in Kangavar in Kermanshah Province. The other is located in Bishapur.




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Jameh Mosque of Nain – Isfahan

Nain Congregational Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Iran with a history back to 9th century. Two impressive features of this mosque are the 700-year-old wood carving marquetry pulpit built without the use a single nail and the single brick-made minaret. The basement of mosque used to be a prayer chamber in hot summers and cold winters as the temperature in there is always moderate (10 to 15 Β°C).



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Explore Noushijan Tappe – Hamadan Iran

Noushijan Tappe is an archeological site in the west of Iran near the city of Malayer. The complex is comprised of a building in the west of the Tappe (the first fire temple), a columned hall (Apadana), a central temple (the second temple), rooms and storerooms, a tunnel, and a rampart. The inner space of the main building is rectangular. The first fire temple in a covered space was in Noushijan Tappe.(VIII century before Christ).




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Explore Sarein Iran – Ardabil

About 30 kilometers west of Ardebil, close to Mount Sabalan, an inactive volcano, and the popular Alvares Ski Resort, there is the small city of Sarein. Sarein is very popular for its mineral water springs which contain Sulphur with strong healing properties. Between the periods of May to August, Sarein welcomes the most tourists from Iran and around the globe.




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Bandar Deylam – Bushehr

Bandar Deylam is a port city next to the Persian Gulf in Bushehr province. The town is situated in a coastal plain with a warm and humid climate. There are few historical references to Bandar-e Deylam, which is located near the ruined medieval towns of Siniz and Mahruban. The ancient ruins of Mahruban are located 10 km from the port.



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