Iran – The Country Worth Discovering

Iran The Country Worth Discovering - Vipemo

Iran – The Country Worth Discovering

Iran- the country worth discovering

Iran is widely renowned for the rich diversity of its landscapes, climates, monuments, customs, and people’s lifestyles. If it had no other claim to respect, at least a continuous history of at least 7,000 years is a distinction that few countries can exhibit. Which these make Iran a country worth discovering. 

Iran is an incredible place to visit. The lure of steep mountains, beautiful coastlines, and endless, rolling deserts is strong. About a million historical sites exist in Iran, according to the statistics of the Iranian Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization (ICHTO). It is obvious that even the most interesting of them can be visited only after numerous trips to this country. These trips are all the more pleasant because visitors to Iran never leave it without cherishing memories of its wonderfully Hospitable People.

Every Iranian city has some special features that distinguish it from other towns, and in the corner of this spacious land there is something to marvel at and to enjoy. In addition, a relatively small number of tourists to Iran give the visitors a chance to wander around the world-famous sites, getting an almost private view of them. So if you want to get a first-hand experience of this fascinating a welcoming country, visit Iran, and do it now.

Top Ten Sites of Iran

Iran Isfahan - Persian handicrafts and art - Iranian art and hanNaqshe Jahan Square in Isfahan

the world’s second largest historical square. Read More



Imam Reza Holy Shrine Mashhad Iran VipemoMausoleum of Imam Reza in Mashhad

The Most important pilgrimage site for Iranian Shiites. Read More


Perspolis Shiraz Iran Vipemo

Perspolis Near Shiraz

Ruins of the magnificent Achaemenid capital. Read  More



Sultaniyeh Dome Near Zanjan

Featuring the world’s largest brick dome. Read More



Ancient Ziggurat - tchogha zanbil - VipemoChogha-Zanbil in Khuzestan

The most important Elamite legacy in Iran. Read More


Saint Stephen Church Tabriz - VipemoSt. Thaddeus’s Church in West Azerbaijan

Iranian first Christian church. Read More


Takht-Soleyman-Ardabil-Fire-Temple-Iran-VipemoTakht-e Soleiman in West Azerbaijan

The unique complex of nature and history. Read More



Masal-Northern-Iran-Vipemo.Masuleh Village in Gilan

One of the most beautiful rural settlements in Iran. Read More



Iran national Museum - tehran - VIpemoMuseums of Tehran

With some of the World finest Collections of artifacts. Read More



Bam Citadel - Arge bam Kerman - VipemCitadel of Bam Near Kerman

The imposing mud-brick town, today under restoration after the earthquake of December 2003. Read More





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