Tehran – Iran

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Tehran – Iran


Before the reign of Shah Tahmasp I (1514-1576), the second king of The Safavid Dynasty, Tehran was a small village near the city of Rey. Shah Tahmasp would travel to Rey to visit his ancestor’s shrine (Imamazadeh Hamzeh) and spend some days in the gardens of Tehran; the result of these frequent visits was the growth of Tehran to a major city. In 1766 Agha Mohammad Khan (1742-1797) moved the capital from Isfahan to Tehran and made Tehran the center of power in Iran.

Tehran - Iran - Vipemo

Tourist Attractions

Golestan Palace - Tehran - Iran - VipemoGOLESTAN PALACE

This palace was constructed under the command of Shah Abbas I as the temporary residence of the royal family in Tehran. After some 200 years, Agha Mohammad Khan reconstructed the palace and chose it as the principal residence of the King. The Golestan Palace is inscribed on the list of World Heritage Sites of Iran by UNESCO.


Saadabad complex - Tehran - Iran - Vipemo


This complex contains several palaces, museums and a 180-hectar jungle. Some of the palaces were summer residences of the Qajar Kings and the other were constructed during the Pahlavi Dynasty, each belonging to one of the royal family members.



Iran national Museum - tehran - VIpemoNATIONAL MUSEUM OF IRAN

This complex consists of two museums, The National Museum of Iran and The Museum of Islamic Era. The brick building of the Museum of Ancient Iran is the right place to introduce Iran’s rich history while the Museum of Islamic Era presents many exquisite items back to different Islamic periods in Iran. A striking frieze of glazed tiles from the Apadana Palace, A Persepolitan mastiff statue, The statue of a Parthian nobleman, and numerous priceless figurines, statues, vessels and plates belong belonging to different Paleolithic to Qajar periods are displayed in this complex.


Discover Grand Bazaar of Tehran - Iran VipemoGRAND BAZAAR OF TEHRAN

The Grand Bazaar is an old historical bazaar in Tehran. It is split into several corridors over 10 kilometers in length, each specialized in different types of goods.




Inside the Central Bank of Iran, in the capital city of Tehran, there is a priceless treasury of the world’s most precious jewelry collection. The pink colored diamond of Darya-ye-Noor (182 Carats), Takhte Tavous or the “Peacock Throne” which is comprised of twelve different pieces decorated with 26,733 pieces of jewels, the Noor-ul-Ain as one of the largest pink diamonds in the world, and the gemmed and enameled Naderi Throne belonging to Qajar era are only some pieces of noble jewelries housed in this museum.


Milad Tower Tehran Iran | VipemoMILAD TOWER (TEHRAN TOWER)

Constructed in 2009, this 435-metere-high tower is the 6th in the world by height.


This 270-metre bridge connects Taleghani Park and Ab-o-Atash Park by spanning Modarres Expressway, one of the main highways in northern Tehran.

Tabiat bridge - Tehran - iran | Vipemo

Tehran Population

The population of the city of Tehran has been steadily growing over the last few decades and is now around 8.3 million. There is an estimated number of nearly 8.5 million in the middle of 2014.


Tehran Airport


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