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In this Post we have a look over one of the best cities of Iran , Shiraz. Shiraz located in the south-central Iran and it’s known for it’s cultural and historical attraction. In this post we list couple of theme. Vipemo

Brief Introduction

More than anything, Shiraz owes its fame to Persepolis, the ancient capital of the Achaemenid Empire, but that is not all. Shiraz is the city of gardens and poets. Unique gardens, beautiful mosques and, of course, the tombs of great Persian poets, Hafez and Sa’adi, are what add to the wonders of Shiraz.

Tourist Attractions


Covering an area of more than 30,000 m2, Eram Garden is home to different types of plants from all around the world and is worth visiting due to its richness of unique architectural designs and gardening skills. The garden itself was built during The Seljuk Dynasty (1037-1194), but later Naser al-Din Shah Qajar (1831- 1896) had the main
existing construction built in the middle of the garden. Eram Garden is among the Persian Gardens inscribed on the list of World Heritage Sites of Iran by UNESCO.

Narenjestan Ghavam - Vipemo


«Narenj» in Farsi means «bitter orange» and «Narenjestan» means the garden of narenj. This place was the residence of Qavam, the governor of Fars Province.



Tomb of Hafez - SHiraz Iran - VipemoTHE MAUSOLEUM OF HAFEZ

Hafez was a famous Persian lyric poet living in the 14th century. The poems of Hafez are well respected and known and every year, many people travel to Shiraz to visit his tomb.



Tomb of Saddi - Shiraz Iran | VipemoTHE MAUSOLEUM OF SA’ADI

Sa’adi Shirazi was another major Persian poet who lived in the 13th century. His poems are the inseparable parts of the Islamic-Iranian culture.



Shah Cheragh - Shiraz Iran | VipemoTHE HOLLY SHRINE OF SHAH CHERAGH

Shah Cheragh is the brother of Imam Reza (as), the eighth Shia Imam, whose shrine with mesmerizing mirror works is located in city of Shiraz.


Nasir ol Molk mosque - Shiraz Iran | VipemoNASIR OL MOLK MOSQUE

Nasir ol Molk also called Pink Mosque is one of the most eye-catching mosques in Iran, constructed in the 1920s. When the sunlight passes through the colorful windows, the reflection of the light on the floor of the mosque creates beautiful sight.


Vakil Mosque - Shiraz Iran | VipemoVAKIL COMPLEX

Mohammad Karim Khan Zand was the founder of the Zand Dynasty, which ruled over Iran from 1751 to 1779. Karim Khan chose Shiraz as his capital city and ordered the construction of several architectural projects there including “The Vakil Complex”. Today, this complex contains a citadel, a mosque, a bazaar, a public bath, a museum (in which Karim Khan is buried), etc.

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