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Kerman city is capital of Kerman province, Iran and It is 10th populous city of Iran. Kerman’s located on a large, flat plain, 800km (500 mi) from Tehran the capital of Iran. In this post Vipemo look at the 3 of the most interesting tourist attractions of Kerman.

Brief Introduction

Kerman was founded in the Sasanian era, in the 3rd century AD, and became the capital city of Iranian dynasties for several times. It is margine with the fabulous Lut Desert which is inscribe on the list of World Heritage Sites of Iran by UNESCO as a natural phenomenon. Lut is one of the hottest places on earth and is famous worldwide for its spectacular landforms called “Keluts” or “Yardangs”. These beautiful structures are formed as a result of aeolian processes or simply, wind erosion in the course of time. And it look like eerie cities with mysterious skyscrapers made by extraterrestrial creatures.


Ganjali Khan Complex Kerman - Vipem

Ganjali Khan – Wall Painting Kerman – Vipem

Ganjali Khan Complex Kerman - VipemGANJALI KHAN COMPLEX

In the old area of the city of Kerman, there is an ancient complex. It covering an area of 11000 square meters, assembled of a school, a square, a caravanserai, a bathhouse, a water reservoir, a mint, a mosque and a bazaar. Each part of this complex has its own exquisite artistic and architectural features.


Bam Citadel - Arge bam Kerman - VipemBAM CITADEL

Bam and its Cultural Landscape was inscribed on the list of World Heritage Sites of Iran by UNESCO in 2004.  This citadel was the largest adobe structure in the world, before it was mostly destroyed by an earthquake (6.6 magnitude) in 2003. Bam is now rebuilt with the same appearance of the beautiful adobe buildings and walls.


Bam Citadel - Arge bam Kerman - Vipem



Jabalieh is a rock dome in Kerman. It is constructed of stones cut in various sizes and attached together with an especial mortar made out of camel milk. The architecture of this octagonal structure goes back to the Sassanid period.

Jabalieh Khan Kerman - Vipem

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