Si-o-se Pol – 33 Bridge

33 pol

Si-o-se Pol – 33 Bridge


The Allahverdi Khan Bridge, popularly known as Si-o-se pol is the largest of the eleven historical bridges on the Zayanderud, the largest river of the Iranian Plateau, in Isfahan, Iran.


The idea of constructing the thirty-three bridge happened in the 1599 and in the twelve years of the Shah Abbas (king) region and then Allahverdi Khan Aundlyzadeh Gorji his famous Sardar was responsible for completion of the bridge.

Si-o-se-pol was built between 1599 and 1602, under the reign of Abbas I, the fifth Safavid king (shah) of Iran. It was constructed under the supervision of Allahverdi Khan Undiladze, the commander-in-chief of the armies, who was of Georgian origin, and was also named after him.


Si-o-se Pol


Why was the Si-o-se pol bridge built?Si-o-se pol

The bridge was built in the early 17th century to serve as both a bridge and a dam. It is a popular recreational gathering place, and is one of the most famous examples of Iran’s Safavid architecture.

The bridge served particularly as a connection between the mansions of the elite, as well as a link to the city’s vital Armenian neighborhood of New Julfa.

This bridge was the venue of the sprinklers ceremony and also Khajshvyan ceremony of the Isfahan Armenians during the Safavi region period.





Allahverdi Khan

Design and construction of the Siosepol

The bridge has a total length of 297.76 meters (976.9 ft) and a total width of 14.75 meters (48.4 ft). It is a vaulted arch bridge consisting of two superimposed rows of 33 arches, from whence its popular name of Si-o-se-pol comes, and is made of stone. The longest span is about 5.60 meters (18.4 ft). The interior of Si-o-se-pol had originally been decorated with paintings, which were often described by travelers to have been erotic.



Si-o-se pol


Facts about Si-o-se pol

The Si-o-se pol bridge made of : Stone! 

How much did it cost to build the Si-o-se pol bridge : 5.6 Million Dollars!


Si-o-se Pol

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